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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Umbertide, settling in

On arrival, it was nice simply to get settled in Umbertide.  We had some days of basic shopping around  town, including the Saturday farmers' market.

After a quiet weekend, when we were getting updates from Margaret's longtime friend Lisa, who was traveling with her mother Dawn in Florence and Lucca, we got word of their plans to arrive in Perugia Monday.  I got word to them to stay on the train past Perugia to Ponte S. Giovanni station, where it was easiest for us to meet them.  I was worried about it working out, when they were traveling without cell phones, but it all worked out, and we were glad to see them get off the train.  We had them settle into our house, and we went to dinner at the wonderful restaurant down our street, San Giorgio.  Some of us had the great specialty of mezzelune (half-moon shaped filled pasta) filled with a carbonara sauce and asparagus.

A quieter day Tuesday, with walks around town and rain later, was followed by a busy market day Wednesday.  Here are some pictures.

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