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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trip getting close

I haven't posted here much; the trip is getting close. Early in the planning, but for the end of the trip, I've booked my night in Vienna based on a bus rather than the train being the best option for getting into the city for my one night.

Now at the beginning, we have the logistics of the long layover in Philadelphia and going into the city, meeting friends. I've plotted getting from Venice airport into the city, checking into our apartment, and looking around Venice, dealing with the crowds. There are various advance purchases for sightseeing and getting around Venice to decide on, mostly using the Venezia Unica site. Once we get to Umbertide, we have Margaret's friends arriving, and we'll casually see what to do. The daughter of our nice neighbors at home is also planning to get there towards the end of our stay.

Well, not a lot to post about in detail about planning now; I'll try to post regularly on the trip.