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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Italy trip approaches, I think

So much of my blogging is about planning; things have happened and I haven't posted much. I'm not sure how I'll be about posting during the trip.

What can I remember about the planning that's gone on? United sent me a schedule change giving me a connection in Chicago that's legal, but much shorter than I'm comfortable with, especially wanting to meet Margaret on her arrival. This was because my original Kansas City-Chicago flight was taken off the schedule. I was able to change to the earlier time, giving me a lot of time at O'Hare. Once United and Continental were fully merged, there were new confirmation codes, and there have been minor schedule changes. Margaret's connecting time is pretty short, and we've talked about contingencies if something goes wrong there. I've been keeping a spreadsheet of how her inbound flight has done, and it's usually gone well.

Basics of planning: a B&B in Rome on arrival, car rental through Auto Europe to go to Umbria for two weeks in my Umbertide house, return car, train to Naples for time booked on Capri, return to Rome, return to U.S. On the reservable trains Rome-Naples and back, I got a €9 Mini fare.

Worrying me: Margaret had a badly sprained ankle, and more health problems, having me worried about her, but so far things look good for the trip. So I'm looking forward to a trip unlike any other for me, in terms of the type of companionship I'll have. This update on the planning has been brief, and I hope to do some blogging during the trip, with less detail than I've done before.