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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Historic day: Moving the newsstand

It continued being a slow time as Margaret wasn't feeling the best, but she's gotten better and I'll report on some outings.

In my time in Umbertide going back 40 years, I've been very interested in getting newspapers and magazines from the newsstand on Piazza Matteotti. It was interesting to feel that I was around on the historic occasion when it was dismantled and replaced in a new location. On Sunday night, the owners were packing up the magazines.

On Monday morning, I saw a blowtorch being applied to it; then it was being trucked away.

For the record, there was quite a lot under it.

Later on Monday, I found a new newsstand being set up. For people familiar with Umbertide, it's in front of the park between the Reggia and where the non-food market is set up on Wednesday morning.

And seeing it fully in business.

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  1. Nice, Andrew, things change and yet remain the same.