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Monday, March 15, 2010

San Diego, March 14-15 and return

The gathering ended Sunday with a brunch at the Island Palms. Afterwards I joined leader Shannon and others of the group with wine around the pool. OK, this was a nice friendly gathering, less of a production in terms of speeches, videos, etc. than the one in Savannah two years ago. It's nice to see so many people of the group, even though I don't fit in in the best way in social situations. It was an important step to get many expressions of sympathy for Flo without it being overwhelming.

For the practical travel matters that I discuss most easily: we had the Daylight Saving Time change on Sunday (and during planning, I think I was the first to bring it to the organizers' attention on the board) and I had the time right to check in online at the 24-hour mark. Maybe fumbling with the netbook's touchpad delayed me by a few seconds, but I was surprised to see boarding number B14. With San Diego being in the corner of Southwest's network, one wouldn't expect it to be much of a connecting place, but it is. People connecting to this flight (including, oddly, from Tucson), had a head start on me at 24 hours before their first flight.

On Monday morning, I returned the rental car and got to Southwest's terminal. I know from previous experience that their main gate area is cramped, not much fun. Today I found that my flight is from gate 2: gates 1-2 are in a separate area, to the right of check-in at ground area (the jetway slopes up), facing the roadway. Security had no wait, compared to the long line for the main gates. There's a good amount of seating and some concessions. That's where I'm composing this, and I'll go ahead and publish this, reserving the option to add to it if much of interest happens in the flight.

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  1. I think my other post did not go through so if this is a repeat I'm sorry. I just wanted to stop by to say how nice it was to see you again at this GTG in San Diego. It was a wonderful time to meet new ST'ers and to see friends that I have only met once or a few times but feel so familiar and a part of my Slowtravel family. You are such a deep and sensitive soul and your quiet presence is always a welcome in these gatherings. Take care of yourself Andrew and have a wonderful summer with the family in Europe. Ci vediamo. Barb Cabot

  2. Thank you, Barb, that's very nice. I'll just take this occasion to say that I got home fine, and even with a high boarding number I got the same seat I had on the outbound.

  3. Andrew, it was so nice to see you again in San Diego. Looking forward to next time...